Twitter Profile Field

Adds an additional field to the user profile page where the user can enter their Twitter username.

Plugin Information
Version 1.5.0
Requires WordPress 2.9
Tested up to WordPress 4.1.33
# Downloads
Repository SVN
Price Free

Twitter Profile Field is a simple WordPress plugin that gives the user a new field in the profile page to add in their Twitter username.

The pluhin also provides a shortcode which allows authors to display their, or others, Twitter usernames, optionally with a link, in posts, pages, and text widgets.


Installation Instructions:

  1. Install Twitter Profile Field either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to your profile page (Users > Your Profile) and enter your Twitter username under ‘Contact Info’

See the FAQ for instructions on how to use the shortcode.


  1. The Profile page

    The Profile page

  2. How to use shortcodes in posts, pages and text widgets

    How to use shortcodes in posts, pages and text widgets


How do I use the shortcode?
The shortcode is jayjdk
You can use it in posts, pages, and text widgets.
You can add several parameters to the shortcode if you want:

  • will display your username with a link to your Twitter Profile (<a href=””>%Username%</a>)
  • allows you to add a custom title tag to the link
  • will display the username for the user with an ID of 2
How to use Twitter Profile Field in template files
There’s two ways you can display your Twitter username in your template files:

  1. Use <?php echo do_shortcode( 'jayjdk' ); ?>. You can use all the parameters listed under “How do I use the shortcode?”
  2. Use <?php the_author_meta( 'twitter' ); ?>. If you use it outside the loop, you should add an user ID to it by using <?php the_author_meta( 'twitter', 1 ); ?> where 1 is the user ID. This will continue to work even after you remove the plugin (but the usernames can’t be edited then).
It don’t work – What should I do?
First of all, make sure that the plugin is activated. If you add the to your theme file(s), make sure that you use <?php the_author_meta('twitter', 1); ?> if it’s OUTSIDE the loop.



  • Overhauled the plugin code
  • Use https links to the Twitter profiles
  • Removed the dashboard widget
  • The plugin can now be translated
  • Danish translation added
  • Tested with WordPress 3.7.1


  • Tested up to WordPress 3.2.1
  • Added the title and userid parameter to the shortcode


  • Tested with 3.0
  • No 2.8 support anymore
  • Better code


  • Uses the new 2.9 user_contactmethods for 2.9 users


  • Adds a Dashboard widget


  • Initial Release