Cakifo 1.3

Please note: This is an old post. The information is probably not accurate and up-to-date anymore.

My free WordPress theme Cakifo has finally been updated to version 1.3.

Changes and new in version 1.3

  • Hybrid Core 1.3
  • 3.4-ready: The theme supports the new 3.4 features, including flexible header sizes (used for the logo)
  • Improved design
    • Much more contrast (especially the topbar and navigation!)
    • The reset CSS have been replaced by Normalize.css
    • Improved slider design
    • New image styles
    • And a lot more improvements
  • Improved responsive design
    • The menu will become collapsible and in list form
    • The frontpage columns will become full width
    • And other
  • Ability to update Cakifo directly from the dashboard
  • Colorbox, a jQuery lightbox script (the default selector is .colorbox)
  • Related Posts widget
  • Share buttons: Shortcodes for a PHP version of the Twitter share button and HTML5 version of the Facebook ([entry-twitter-link], [entry-facebook-link])
  • Removed support for the Hybrid Core template hierarchy
  • The RSS link in the topbar has been replaced by a search form
  • Better attachment page
  • Partial support for the bbPress plugin
  • And more

View full changelog at Github

Download the update

[This download is no longer available]

Improved Wiki and inline docs

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13 responses

  1. Wow, great update!
    Personaly, i loved the new responsible menu, glad you liked my sugestion 🙂

    But just wondering: why replace the old h3, breadcumbs and sidebar-title styles for those new ones?

    1. Thanks for the great feedback 🙂

      I decided to change the heading styles because the old ones lacked a lot of contrast and looked boring.

      What do you not like about them and do you have any other suggestion?

      1. Anytime (:

        I liked the old ones, they just seemed to fit the design. The new ones seems to not fit the theme, dunno how to explain it.

        I’m using parts of the 1.2 visual on a new theme for our website, the one i was talking about. Can’t put the link public, but i can share over mail if you want. Would be great to get some feedback anyway 🙂

  2. Hi, Maybe this isn’t the right forum for a question, but here goes anyway: I’m trying to find a plug-in that allows me to manage the author that appears on the post. That is, someone else should get credit as the author even though I happen to have posted the text. I’ve tried a couple of plug-ins that don’t seem to work with the newest WP. Also, “Custom Author Byline” plus Cakifo the post editor page seems to accept a changed author but it doesn’t display that way on the page. I’d welcome any suggestions you might have… P.S. I like your aesthetics.

    1. Hello Mike,

      Thank you.

      When you add/edit a post there should be a box called ‘Author’. If not, you might have to click on ‘Screen Options’ in the top right corner and turn it on. That should make you able to change the post author.

  3. I really really love this theme..
    But.. Can i remove “featured image” or “thumbnail” on single post while not losing thumbnail on “slider” and “related article”.??

    1. Hello Anindya,

      You should create a child theme ( and do something like this:

      add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'my_child_setup', 11 );
      function my_child_setup() {
      	/* Get the parent theme prefix. */
      	$prefix = hybrid_get_prefix();
      	/* Remove thumbnail from single pages. */
      	add_action( 'get_the_image', 'my_child_get_the_image' );
      	/* Other Actions and filters calls go here. */
      function my_child_get_the_image( $image ) {
      	if ( is_single() )
      	return $image;

      I haven’t tested it but it should work.

      Hope that helps you. If you have any questions beside this one, I recommend you sign-up for support on Theme Hybrid.

      – Jesper

  4. There is somthing problems:

    I’ve created gallery with “two columns” layout, but the thumbnail has broken, check on my blog..
    Jetpack’s plugin have “tiled gallery” feature, but its not working with ur theme..

    1. Hello Anindya,

      What do you mean by the thumbnail is broken? I see every image fine on the page you’re linking to.

      I’m sorry that the “tiled gallery” feature in Jetpack doesn’t work but Jetpack doesn’t allow installations on local sites so I can’t test the theme with that plugin.

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