Jayj HTML5 theme version 2.1

Today is Jayj.dk’s 4th birthday. I’m celebrating that with the release of version 2.1 of my free HTML5 and CSS3 theme, now called “Jayj HTML5 theme“.

[This download is no longer available]

New features in version 2.1

  • Huge design updates – The content background is now white by default instead of semi-transparent
  • Uses the CSS preprocessor LESS
  • Switched to a Twitter Bootstrap-like responsive grid-system (see about for demo)
  • Much better responsive design
  • Uses the fonts Open Sans and Merriweather, both loaded from Google Fonts
  • Contact form script have been improved
  • Modernizr 2.6.1
  • The theme supports Google Prettify but it is not included in the download

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Abandu 2.0

My commercial WordPress theme from 2009, Abandu, just got updated to version 2.0. The theme has been completely rewritten from scratch and is much better than before.

The design has been improved, the markup is now HTML5, it’s responsive and it now supports the new hot WordPress 3.4 features such as the Theme Customizer. It also supports the improved custom header and background features.

Abandu 2.0
Click on the image to buy for $30 or go to the demo of Abandu 2.0

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Cakifo 1.3

My free WordPress theme Cakifo has finally been updated to version 1.3.

Changes and new in version 1.3

  • Hybrid Core 1.3
  • 3.4-ready: The theme supports the new 3.4 features, including flexible header sizes (used for the logo)
  • Improved design
    • Much more contrast (especially the topbar and navigation!)
    • The reset CSS have been replaced by Normalize.css
    • Improved slider design
    • New image styles
    • And a lot more improvements
  • See all new changes and download the new version