Using Grunt to automate theme releases

Every time I create a new version of one of my themes, there’s a lot of steps I’m going through. I have to update version numbers, minifying CSS/JS files, commit the changes, tag the release, create a zip file (and make sure no hidden files are left in there). These are all mostly manual steps which can be quite time-consuming to go though, and more importantly: remember.

In my latest theme, Cycnus, I decided to automate my theme release workflow using Grunt, which is want to tell you about in this post.

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Youtube Profile Field 3.1

My Youtube Profile Field plugin has just had a major update. The plugin, which allows you to automatically display your latest Youtube videos on your site, is now at version 3.1.

The biggest front-end change is the use of the native WordPress video player, which since 3.9 has been able to play Youtube videos.
This means that the videos will match your theme even better – especially if you use a theme like Cycnus, as shown below:

Example of Youtube Profile Field in the Cycnus theme
The new player shown in the Cycnus theme
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I just released version 1.6 of my free WordPress theme Cakifo.

If you’ve use the theme, you should get a update notification in your dashboard. Otherwise, install it from Appearance > Install Themes.

I also wrote a release post on the demo site.

Redesign 2013

Jayj Redesign 2013

February 2011 – 2 and a half years ago.

That’s the time since this site last got a complete makeover. A lot have changed in the last 2½ years, both in terms of the web, and my self.

So now’s the time for a new

I’ve taking the opportunity to go over some of the new things of the redesign – both the design and functionality.

The front page is no longer a list of blog posts but rather a useful frontpage, featuring my most popular themes, latest posts, and plugins.

Most people come to this site to download my themes which now is the first thing you see.

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Cakifo Survey 2013

I’m currently working on version 1.6 of Cakifo and I’d like your input on what should be in that version.

So if you’re using Cakifo this is your opportunity to decide how to make it even more awesome! If you have a few minutes, please answer the survey below:

The survey is now over! Version 1.6 has been released.

Thanks to everybody who answered!

Even though your suggestion might not have been added, it has been heard and being very valuable during the development 🙂

Multiple Select Lists in the Theme Customizer

WordPress 3.4 introducted the Theme Customizer feature which allows site admins to tweak a theme’s settings and live preview those changes in real time.

In this post, I’ll give you a custom control class makes it possible to add a multiple select list to your theme customizer settings.

How to add the settings is not the focus of this post so you should check out posts like “How to leverage the Theme Customizer in your own themes” instead for great explaining on how to use the feature.

By default WordPress have controls for stuff like text fields, check boxes, color wheels, select lists, and image handling. But there’s no way to use a select list with the ‘multiple’ attribute unless you extend the WP_Customize_Control class.

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